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Immerse yourself in the world of Cashmere Hotel Group, where luxury is not just experienced, it's woven into every moment. Here, every stay transcends the ordinary, becoming a journey interlaced with luxury and a deep appreciation for heritage. The Cashmere Hotel Group proudly presents its three exquisite brands: Cashmere Hotels, offering a six-star experience in the heart's of the world's most vibrant cities; Cashmere Resorts, your gateway to six-star luxury in the world's most picturesque vacation spots; and Lavender, a service-centric brand dedicated to exceptional hospitality. Each brand under our umbrella is unified by our commitment to unparalleled luxury, distinct character, and meticulous attention to detail.

Discover a world where every stay is more than a journey;
it's a story woven in the fabric of luxury and heritage




Beverly Hills


St Lucia



Architecture & Design

Our resorts reflect the landscape and culture of their locations, with thoughtful design and materials that resonate with the local heritage.

Health & Wellness


Experience rejuvenation with our wellness offerings, set against the backdrop of serene beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Lifestyle & Comfort


From gourmet kitchens to open terraces, our accommodations are designed to provide a luxurious, comfortable stay.

Condos & Sales

Looking for a permanent slice of paradise? Our condos offer a unique living experience, blending luxury living with breathtaking views and first-class amenities.